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Providing high quality, fun, affordable, and accessible music education using traditional and contemporary techniques. Students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels can learn and enjoy a musical instrument.


Updated June 20, 2020

We are very happy to inform you that UMC will be reopening for private lessons and reactivating our Live Concert and Recording programs on Monday, June 29th.

We have taken several steps to ensure the safety and comfort of our students and instructors, including completely repainting the entire interior of UMC and adding plexiglass barriers for each studio and our stage.

We are requiring masks be worn in our facility while waiting for lessons and during lessons when it does not interfere with your lesson content. We are asking that for the foreseeable future only the actual student come into the building for their lesson. In the case of young children please accompany the student with one additional person only. Our instructors will have the right to reschedule a lesson if the student is showing signs of flu or excessive coughing.

ON-LINE LESSONS will remain a regular offering for any and all who prefer distanced learning or may need to stay home for health or transportation reasons on the day and time of your regularly scheduled lesson..


HERE you will find our new guidelines and measures we will be taking to ensure your safety and remain compliant with State of Minnesota guidelines.

Please feel free as always to contact me personally with any questions or concerns. My personal cell number is: 630-561-7943

We are VERY MUCH looking forward to seeing you again!!

Mike Arturi, Universal Music Center Executive Director

Stir Crazy!

Welcome to Stir Crazy! This learning program for elementary aged children was initially created to keep kiddos engaged in learning while staying home from school, per the Coronavirus sheltering orders. Music and art are used to teach subjects such as letters, spelling, writing, reading, math, history, and more. Join in the sing-a-long, enjoy the joke breaks, and have FUN learning and creating.

Stir Crazy is a production of Universal Music Centers and stars Executive Director and professional musician Mike Arturi, and professional musician and schoolteacher Susan Forsythe. Special guests include Megan Seeland, Red Wing Public Library Children’s and Teens Librarian, ArtReach Executive Director Anna Ostendorf, and Minnesota Guzheng Professional Jarrelle Barton. This project was generously funded by the Annesco Project Fund.

Find all episodes on our YouTube Playlist.

Universal Music Center’s MISSION is to enrich lives
through music and live performance education.

Our core program provides students the opportunity to gain the life skills of preparation, professional conduct, team work, and pride in accomplishment. This program includes one-on-one private lessons, a monthly music workshop, and optional quarterly live performances. The live performance option gives students a sense of focus, and makes their progress a tangible reality.

UMC is located in Red Wing, MN and serves Goodhue County and its surrounding area. In addition to our core program, UMC offers a lesson only option, a Native American Flute program, a summer songwriting program, an after school children’s songwriting/music appreciation course, Drum Circles for health, community, and corporate populations, a Complete Concert Creation course, and more offerings through community partners such as Community Education, library programs, Red Wing Arts, The Sheldon Theater, and the YMCA. UMC is proudly affiliated with Turnaround Arts, CompasMN, and The Anderson Center for the Arts.


High quality music education plus a LIVE on-stage experience option!
Beginner to advanced – ALL ages – ALL instruments – ALL welcome!
University trained and industry experienced instructors!
No pressure, flexibly scheduled lessons, set your own goals and pace!

Meet our instructors and learn more about our program here:

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This program is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Community Arts and Education Support grant, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.


Hear what others are saying about UMC!

UMC is amazing! We love our UMC family. They have helped Anna through stage fright. When she started 4 years ago she couldn’t sing in front of anyone and now she performs all over the place. She learned how to play guitar, piano, sing, write her own music, and run music equipment at shows. She has been given so many opportunities to perform at a ton of events. We can’t say enough good things about UMC!

I really wanted to thank you for working with our son on Saturday. He is a bit reluctant to do stuff that is not his idea, but I know he has talent….it is great to have him learning in a method that is not as “boring” as the normal school classroom. Our son is very hands on, so this works great. I think he had a good time, and it was great to see him working so hard.

You’re helping young children probably more than can be imagined when you consider the potential long term impact on their future. Also things like this have the potential to build upon one another and multiply. You’re bringing hope and happiness to many ( including us old rock & roll fans) in various ways which is a good thing in life.

Our daughter  is now in her fourth year at UMC, learning ukulele, electric and acoustic guitar, and drums. It has been an experience that will certainly shape her future. She did not just learn how to play an instrument and go on her way. The experience of publicly performing what she learned has given her poise, self-confidence and clearly a sense of achievement. Regardless of where life takes her, the UMC experience will help her prepare for whatever she wants to do with her life.

There is an extra plus in learning from two professional musicians like Mark Woerpel and Mike Arturi. They have been everywhere, seen it and done it. Both had confidence in her at times when we thought she might be tackling something too hard.

The curriculum was fantastic as it played on the students’ love of music, but also taught them about the business of music. Many had never considered the possible career opportunities with marketing, staging, sound/lights, etc. Mike did an amazing job at figuring out what each student’s gifts and talents were to benefit the group. His passion for music and teaching really comes through in everything he does.

I have a feeling that we are going to have a very meaningful experience at your studio. My daughter and I look forward to the experience.

The Universal Music Center is an asset to the community and has the potential to grow and establish itself as a premier learning and supporting organization.

Mike, we’re so glad the UMC Band Performance went so well.  Another successful step toward your vision. Congratulations!

Universal Music Center provides quality music instruction for our daughter. The individual lessons challenge her and she has improved so much in a short time.  She has gained confidence performing in front of an audience with the “live shows” that are part of the program. The live shows also give the students an opportunity to work with others in planning and putting on a show. There is no other place like UMC in this area and we feel fortunate that our daughter is a part of it!


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Mike Arturi endorses and exclusively plays WFLIII Drums.

Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.